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Produkt dnia
Pierścionek Amberwood S1701
Pierścionek Amberwood S1701
476,00 zł
Kolczyki Amberwood S1204
Kolczyki Amberwood S1204
304,00 zł


Tel. PL: +48 509 910 033

Tel. PL: +48 501 983 321

Tel. DE: +49 176 872 832 68

Amberwood Showroom:

Brunnenstrasse 65

13355 Berlin



Men’s collection cuff-links are simple and elegant accessories for a linen shirt, a summer suit or a wool suit. This collection was made specially for Mexican company Casa de Lino. The necklaces in this collection are casual elements in the summer look of men and they can be attached on a leather strap.

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